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Bulk Pharmaceutical Chemicals

Bulk Pharmaceutical Chemicals are substances used in the manufacturing of medicine and would be the active ingredients of medicine while being using in pharmacy.  We are skilled in the production & management of BPC such as pyrimethamine, ethosuximide, acetylcysteine, acetazolamide, undecylenic acid, sodium dimercaptosuccinate,etc.

Product name Product ID FEMA NUMBER CAS NUMBER  
DL-Pantheno... B001 16485-10-2 Details
DL-Thioctic... B002 1077-28-7 Details
Tretinoin B003 302-79-4 Details
vitamin A B004 68-26-8 Details
Vitamin A P... B005 79-81-2 Details
Thiamine hydr... B006 Details
Riboflavin B007 83-88-5 Details
Niacin B008 59-67-6 Details
Calcium panto... B009 137-08-6 Details
Vitamin B6 B010 8059-24-3 Details
Cyanocobalami... B011 68-19-9 Details
Magnesium L-... B012 113170-55-1 Details
Ergocalcifero... B013 50-14-6 Details
Cholecalcifer... B014 67-97-0 Details
Vitamin E B015 59-02-9 Details
Biotin B016 58-85-5 Details
Vitamin K1 B017 84-80-0 Details
Vitamin K2 B018 11032-49-8 Details
Vitamin K3 B019 58-27-5 Details
Vitaminum U B020 63889-27-0 Details
Folic acid B021 59-30-3 Details
beta-Carotene B022 7235-40-7 Details
D-Ribose B023 50-69-1 Details
R-(+)-lipoic ... B024 1200-22-2 Details
S-Adenosyl-L... B025 29908-03-0 Details
Gamma-Linole... B026 506-26-3 Details
α-lipoic acid B027 1077-28-7 Details
Collagen B028 9064-67-9 Details
Chondroitin S... B029 9007-28-7 Details
Hyaluronic A... B030 9004-61-9 Details
Melatonine B031 73-31-4 Details
L-Carnosine B032 305-84-0 Details
adenosine B033 58-61-7 Details
ADENOSI... B034 Details
Adenosine tri... B035 Details
collagen tripe... B036 Details
Inositol B037 Details
Chromium pico... B038 14639-25-9 Details
Coenzyme Q10 B039 303-98-0 Details
glutathione B040 70-18-8 Details
DL-Sulforap... B041 4478-93-7 Details
Cilnidipine B042 132203-70-4 Details
Articaine hyd... B043 23964-58-1 Details
Tegaserod mal... B044 189188-57-6 Details
Naftopidil an... B045 57149-07-2 Details
Cordyceps Ce... B049 Details
glutamine B051 Details
Gastrodia ela... B052 Details
Reishi Powde... B053 Details
HouTouJun p... B054 Details
Needle Mushr... B055 Details
White staphyl... B056 Details
Probenecid B057 Details
Sulfamonometh... B058 Details
Sulfachloropy... B059 Details
Salicylic Ac... B060 69-72-7 Details

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