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Culture of Flavor & Fragrance
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Tasty flavors and artistic fragrances beautify our life. Flavor and fragrance are not simply an olfactory, but a great art related with science, philosophy and culture. Application of flavor & fragrance was originated from natural botanical extracts uses since 3,750 B.C. With the massive applications of the organic synthesis which began about 100 years ago, the flavor & fragrance industry has accomplished tremendous developments with abundant synthetic chemical materials. Chemicals and flavorists are still working on creating more flavors to meet the increasing demand resulted from the growing population and the pursuit for higher life standard.

Smell with thoughts, you will get the answers. Odor is the implication of substance change. Flavor and fragrance is not simple olfactory, but a great art which is related with science, philosophy and culture.

Flavor & fragrance are originated from natural botanical extracts uses since 3,750 B.C. (by recordation), the original application was for religion (example for sacrifices) and for medcine(example for  antisepticises, spices etc.), natural botanical extracts developed to cosmetics and flavors industries, just cosmetics are more well-known today for lots of advertisements, and more people exclude mentally artificial flavors, so flavor industry is not popular in some countries but except natural flavors.

As one of the Four Great Ancient Civilizations, China has a very early recordation to consume aroma extracts, by Li Shizhen, 1596, theorized "the same origin of medcine and aroma". So flavor & fragrance is an immemorial and traditional business.

Since organic synthesis industry about 100 years ago, flavor & fragrance industry has a big development for abundant synthetic chemical materials. Along with population expanding, improving life standard, good quuality foodstuff's ' demand is increasing by annually 3-5%, our agriculturists and biologist can increase foodstuff's output, which hold basic nutrition, but not flavors, because most of flavors are not nutrition ingredients, so we can say presume flavor ingredients are the essence of foodstuff.

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